So we’re driving down the road of heavy music, and on the left side we have Metal, and on the right side we see scrolling mountains of Hard Rock. But where is the middle ground? That spot between hard rock and heavy metal? Oh… it’s the road.

4MAG NITROUS is the vehicle that takes you down that highway in the valley between rock and metal. And it ain’t no rented Kia. It’s a powerful American muscle car, with a gridlocked precision that indicates a hint of solid German engineering was applied for maximum stamina and torque.

Hit the gas pedal and feel how the music grinds like metal but stays solid like a rock under your tires. Kick the seat back a little and enjoy the singer’s words as he yells and growls at you from the back seat. Ignore that school zone and keep going! You’ll be alright. The cops are only chasing you because they want an excuse to drive this fast, down this road, as well.


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Joel Cangiolosi - Vox / Guitar

Ben Michon - Guitar

Josh Klipstein - Drums

Kib - Bass

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4MAG NITROUS are an American southern Hard Rock/Metal band from Louisiana. Originally formed in 2000, the band had one mission, to play the truest form of heads down southern hard rock while bringing in the feel of the bands south Louisiana surroundings.


Inspired by raked out chopper bikes, American muscle cars, and fueled by the relentless Louisiana sun. 4MAG's "Chopper Rock" style was once described as ZZTop meets Motorhead. With Joel Cangiolosi's heavy melodic vocals, along with his and Ben Michon's double guitar assault - mix in Kib's growling bottom end from the bass, and Wayne Porche’s thunderous drums, 4MAG NITROUS had found their distinct monstrous engine sound of crushing concrete, leaving every performance with only the smell of burnt rubber.


4MAG NITROUS has also many publishing endeavors in both TV and Film. 4MAG has licensed songs for the Discovery Channels hit show, ‘Monster Garage’ (Season 1 &2 – along with each seasons CD release), A&E's series 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' and Lionsgate Films movie, ‘Wrong Side of Town’. 4MAG is played on radio stations worldwide and Sirius/XM radio. 4MAG NITROUS has also charted at #13 on the CMJ’s top hard rock bands. 4MAG has performed on nationally syndicated music television shows such as Louisiana Jukebox & SXSW Music Showcases.

In March 2019, 4MAG NITROUS released their 3rd release – The High Road EP. With new material written and booking live shows - 4MAG NITROUS is once again roaring out of the garage and onto the streets, running over everything in their way!

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